Wow, a first post on a new blog. Just what the world needs, another damn blog. I've got three but this one, my fourth is special, it's anonymous. I am Veer Wilde but of course that name is way to cool to be a real name.

Just call me Wilde.

About five years ago I used to have a blog before it was even called a blog. I would talk frankly on there about everything that was affecting me. The point was that no one I knew really embraced the internet so there was no risk of people I knew reading it. That's changed, my other blogs are well read by internet people and real people alike.

That's no good if I want to talk about what cunts they've all been. I'm a straight talking lady but there's no need to hurt feelings - usually.

So I'm here, you don't know me. Well you might, but you don't know it.

There's no need to tell you about myself. I'm quite boring in real life. One of those people who is in their perfect job, the career they've always wanted but feels they can only be happy if they are hunting demons. Yeah, that's me.


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