The Muse

Not the band, you assbutt.
(I finished Supernatural. Castielove)

I wanted to write something about how the muse, which in my case is for writing, just takes hold of you at the most ridiculous of times. I've been through hell these last couple of days - this includes having to write about grandparents' words of wisdom for work, days after my Grandad dies.

Anyways. I'm writing a novel, it's twisted, gory, scary and weird. As you'd expect. I'm 25k words in. I neglected it for a while then all of a suddenly knew exactly what was going to happen in every scene. I wrote and I wrote. More in a few days than I have in months.

Not to mention I've been able to start up a roleplay and continue rather actively.

I'm now about to start a RP-esque thing with my bandmate, which we intend to turn into a novel. I've written my intro post and I'm itching to get going.

Because it's the two of use there's going to be some serious bromance, slash, angry sex between the two main characters.

Oh man, can't wait to get this one going.

So, in conclusion. My Muse responds to tragedy. Great.

I feel I might have to start sacrificing baby animals once this inspired writing frenzy floats off into the void.


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