What I think of 3D movies


Hi Wildefans (I like that collective term).

I want to talk to you about 3D movies.

It seems that they are pushing this craze way too much, everything and anything is now available in 3D. How fucking exciting, it'll be like being right there in the midsts of the action.


I watched this twice at the cinema, both times in 3D. It was an okay film and it looked amazing. I'm short sighted which means I need glasses for driving, watching television and going to the cinema. 3D glasses fit fine over my geek specs. But the headache that comes with the combo is about 12,000 times less desirable than a kick in the cunt (approximately).

I soon forgot about the headache, pressure on my nose and general shittiness because it was fun and it was a novelty. Everything looked pretty, especially the flora and fauna on Pandora. But I would've probably enjoyed the film as much if I hadn't been watching it in 3D.


Mr. Wilde and I have seen every Saw film at the cinema. We weren't going to miss out on this one - the last one (?) - and break our perfect streak. I thought that 3D would be quite cool, blood flinging at us, the whole audience jumping, 3D gore and so on.

The film, as far as Saw films go, was okay. I certainly enjoyed it storyline-wise. But the 3D aspect completely ruined it for me. Firstly, there was the headache again. Either I could watch the film in 3D or it could be sharp, I couldn't have both.

Then there was the motion blur, if someone or something moved quickly then there was an obvious trail behind them. In places it also looked very stuttery.

Because of the headache I eventually had to take off my geek specs and just had the 3D glasses on. This lessened the motion blur (because everything was now a bit blurry). Headache got better but didn't leave. Eventually I took off the 3D glasses altogether and watched the film. Here I began to enjoy it a bit more, even though there was the occasional time where the background looked funny and the foreground was sharp.

3D adds absolutely nothing to that film.

I think 3D should be for animated films only, it just looks shit on film films. I bet Toy Story was great in 3D, Avatar wasn't bad but Saw was shit and ruined the whole horror experience for me as well as the rest of the evening - what can a girl do with a headache? I'm a wimp.

And now they are talking about bringing old films back in 3D and releasing every fucking piece of shit for 3D. I don't care. Improve your technology then push this stupid fucking novelty our way. 3D movies could be superfuckingcool but at the moment the technology is lacking. It's just a way of making more money.

What do you think of 3D movies? Love or hate?


The Undertaker: said...

I agree. 3D adds nothing to the film and you spend the entire time trying to get comfortable. And you're not alone regarding the headaches either. Film makers still have a ways to go before 3D is fun. Perhaps they should focus their efforts on some new original story lines instead of taking the old tired ones and trying to make them slap you in the mouth. Just a thought.

JackEoh said...

To give a more detailed response -
First of all the headache is an issue, though apparently not that common. I certainly did not get a headache watching Avatar, and at the time I was not a glasses wear, though I think it is more coincidence than cause. If you go google away there is a lot of information/speculation on the headache issue, it's possible causes, cures and indeed its legitimacy.
Secondly is the issue of 3D technology. There are many types for viewing 3D content utilising polarized light, active shutters or a 3ds style screen to name the more common.
I'll not bore you with details, but I again recommend a good google of this too - The different technologies do create different standards or styles of 3D viewing.
As well as viewing methods, there are the recording methods. I don't know for sure but I would assume Saw was recorded in regular 2D then converted by a korean sweatshop to 3D; This is the cheapest methods and the one most studios will push for. This also results in crappy looking films which suffer from severely diminished colour and brightness.
A film such as Avatar will be filmed in 3D. This is why it is glorius. In addition, for the most part James Cameron managed to avoid being too gimicky with the 3D, making the experience more immersive.
Lastly is the animation. This too is filmed in 3D as this just requires a second virtual camera, it is too all intents and purposes free to the studio.

Many of the latter reasons are covered, much better than I ever could, in the following article:

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