Jessie J

I first heard 'Do it like a dude' in November and it wasn't really on my radar, just the sort of Urban pop that I tend to gloss over. It's edgy, sounds a bit crass and the vocals in it are rather annoying. But that doesn't stop me from feeling like I like Jessie J.

So today I took it upon myself to listen to more than just that one, overplayed song.

There are a few on her MySpace page. She has an amazing voice, very soulful. You can certainly tell that she has a West End background. I was listening to a song called Casualty of Love and finding myself just sitting and becoming absorbed in the music.

It's still that slightly urban pop-ballad sound but it's brilliantly put together in a way that gives me goosebumps. There's feeling and emotion in that voice, which isn't a big surprise when you read what she's been through in her life.

I can't work out if she's hot and I can't work out if she's a chav. While I think I like what I hear and see I'd like to see what else Jessie J gives us in 2011. I've no doubts that she'll be massive but I'd like to hear more of that pretty voice and a little less of someone trying to be edgy.


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