Car Wilde

I really wish I knew loads about cars. I feel I know a fair amount and I know what people are talking about. But some - non-girly - part of me wishes I knew how to get under the hood of my boring little car and change the spark plugs, top up the brake fluid etc.

A sexy day spent chatting to the lovely Pistonheads people has brought me to realise that cars shouldn't excite me this much. But they do and I should do something about it.

Currently I know:
  • What spark plugs are
  • Why I chose not to get my wheels balanced
  • Why (sort of) my brakes squeal
  • Where to put water in for my windscreen washers
  • How to top up and check the oil in my car
  • How (in theory) to removed a wheel to check state of brake pads

What I'd like to know:
  • How to parallel park
  • How to change spark plugs
  • How to change oil
  • How to change a tyre
  • How to respray
  • How to fix rust
  • How to do up a 1988 Audi Quattro.


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