The pope, religion, atheism and gays

This is going to be controversial. Hopefully it'll stir a few hardcore Christians up.

So all this newsy stuff about the Pope coming to visit has got me thinking. Generally I don't care. I don't particularly like him. So his visit doesn't really fuss me. However, the hubub around him is quite hilarious.

Firstly, my views. I class myself as agnostic. I believe there's something else. But if it is the god that all these damn Christians believe in then I don't agree with what he says. He sounds like a bit of a dick. I've read that nowhere in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a sin. I haven't investigated this. If god is all up for the gay then I'd be a bit more willing to listen. But that's not the point, a lot of his followers believe that some nice, fun things are sins.

  • Drinking
  • Shagging
  • Same sex anything
  • Fun

Now this isn't everyone, I'm mainly referring to crazy extremists. Like that family who think other Christians are sinners too. They crazy.


But having faith is a good thing. Having a community of people around you who want to do good is a lovely thing. Recently the church has kept my Grandma strong. And what do atheists think when loved ones die. It must be harder to lose someone and to think the cease to exist completely.

I had a really good friend/colleague who was an amazing Christian. He never preached to me - which I adored him for. He did charity stuff, had loads of friends, was supported by his church in hard times and wasn't the sort who felt he needed to cut sex and drink out of his life.

The support the church gives and the work they do for communities is good. I like that.


Every religion has its extremists, granted some are more extreme than others - like those dudes who flew the planes into the World Trade Centre. Religion causes war.

And we can't think that Christians are all lovey dovey and tolerant. This is going back a bit but remember the Crusades? I'm not sure of the details but it was basically Christians going around killing anyone of other religions.

My general knowledge isn't great but I'm sure loads of you could give comment on other extremist religious sects. Oh, people who sacrifice people. That's weird too.


Religions preaching to one another. That's fine. It's expected.

Not to me though. Luckily we don't have all that many Jehovah's Witnesses or similar come to our door. And if we do I make Mr. Wilde answer the door. He's quite happy to be like, "yeah, atheist. Kindly fuck off."

I used to be a bit of a goth and there were many a times where I had to explain that I wasn't a devil worshipper because I didn't believe in the bible. "The devil isn't a Christian thing." I'm pretty damn sure he is.

I don't think you have to be Christian/religious to be homophobic but the chances are if you are religious you're against two seriously hot guys getting it on.

Would it be inappropriate to post a video from Rocket Tube now?

Even my mum thinks it's wrong. I'm so open about my slashiness. And I'm pretty damn open about how I would quite happily shag anything relatively pretty if I wasn't with Mr. Wilde. I like boys and I like girls. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE BOOBS!?

I went to America and I found myself surrounded by the weird and religious and because I know that America is a lot more fanatical than the UK I was worried when we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere in a lady's B&B which had Jesus on the wall. As an unmarried couple sharing a bed I thought we were going to get doused with holy water and stabbed before we could speed out of there the following day.

I think that's all. I've completely lost the point I was trying to make.


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