I can't tell if you are joking... A story

I worked for a company that organised events. We were putting together a huge launch party for one of our super-posh clients. It was a few days before the event and just past the RSVP deadline.

I passed all the names on the guest list to my boss, our graphic designer, he popped them into a pretty PDF and saved.

The next day I received an email with some people RSVPing to the event. I told my boss that I had some more people needing to be added to the guest list.

He said: "It's already been put together. Tell them they're too late."

So I did, emailed straight back. I said something along the lines of 'list is all done now, you missed the RSVP date, sorry.'

20 minutes later my boss had the list open on his computer and he said to me: "What were those names that needed adding."

Fuck! He'd been joking.

I gave him the names.

Then hastily emailed the new guests back to say there had been a mistake and that I'd added them to the list.

At the event I met them but couldn't bring myself to introduce themselves. I don't think they told anyone that I almost didn't allow them to attend!

Has anything similar ever happened to you?


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