The Event a review and rant - Spoilers for up to 1x02.

This is a weird show. I didn't really know what to think about it when I read the blurb before it started. It sounded a bit 24, lots of agents running around etc. Now, I liked 24 but probably only because it had Kiefer Sutherland in it...

But this show was NBC, like Heroes, so I thought that the first series might be worth watching - even if the subsequent ones were shit, like Heroes.

God it's weird. Through the first episode you're led into a false sense of security with weird flashbacks that don't really make any sense. But it's all quite normal, hijacked aeroplane, cute people on a cruise, black president, releasing some people from a detention centre. It's almost like real life.

That is until someone tries to fly a plane into the president's house. Oh shit, everyone is running around. Shove president into a car. Then BANG! Plane disappears.

This lady, one of the people being released from the detention centre, looks relieved but says something along the lines of: 'There are some things we haven't told you.'

Cue episode two.

Now we know something weird is going on. Plane ends up in Arizona. Government covers it up. More flashbacks and I'm getting a distinct feeling that I'm watching Lost. To the point where Mr. Wilde says "oh, those people they met on the island."

Then we see the president talking to Danko from Heroes - that's not his name in this show but it might as well be he's practically the same character - they're talking about this detention centre and the people in it.

Danko says: "And we discovered that they were not terrestrial beings."

Oh wait, what? So they're aliens?

Yes they fucking are. DNA 2% different to humans. Kept in this detention centre because they won't give away their real intentions.

More flashbacks, conspiracy, set ups etc. Now, the people from this detention centre don't have a name yet but I'd bet on it being something like 'Them' or 'The Others'. So it turns out that The Others from the detention centre aren't the only ones out there.

In fact our handsome CIA agent who has been leading the detention centre shiz is one of them! They're planning something.

I'm still not sure I'm a fan, I'm not connecting with the story line of two people on a cruise, kidnapping, plane crash etc. I want to know more about the damn aliens. And the flash backs are annoying. At least Lost chose a character and stuck with them for the flashbacks, and the flashforwards in Flashforward were short, simple.

These are long flashbacks that skip anything from a few days to a few years back all over the place with about five different characters and scenarios. But it's exciting and because I've got so many questions I need to know what happens.


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