I introduce Frankie

Her back story is huge, complicated and beautiful.
Frankie ran a hand across her face staring at the half dead woman in front of her. She didn't know her, she didn't care about her. All she could think about was the smell of the blood that was pouring from her body. This couldn't have been a vampire attack. There was too much life left in her, too much blood. Probably a mugging or something. Frankie could feel her heart race in her chest and her breathing quicken. She'd avoided situations like this almost all of the years that she'd had a human form. She'd kept away from anything where blood was involved, it just made a lust rise up in her.

Relinquishing her real form for a human one had been the hardest thing she'd ever had to do and to begin with she'd coped very badly, she kept killing, kept giving in. That was until it drew attention to her all those years ago. Suddenly with no one being sacrificed to her she was stuck, there was nothing to fuel the fire that burned in her. The need for death and destruction. She got to the point where she was killing without reason, killing just because she could.

She'd stopped that a long time ago and had done well. She'd lived as a human, had worked with the Mafia and in most cases had avoided hugely bloodthirsty fights. When she had seen death around her it had been simple, often not too bloody. And she'd never been alone. Until now. If Frankie didn't do something then this woman was going to die, but she couldn't just stay here with her and help. She was putting the woman in more danger by just being around.

Frankie sucked in a deep breath the coppery smell of blood filling her nostrils. She'd have to call an ambulance. She did just that, she spoke shakily to the person on the other end of the phone before hanging up and leaving the alleyway. She had to get far away from all this, needed to stop thinking about the blood pumping from that woman out onto the street. Even when she was a few blocks away the smell still lingered. Luckily it was the middle of the night and there was no one around.

This was a good thing, the smell of that dying woman's blood coupled with seeing someone who had fresh blood pumping around their veins may have been too much for Frankie. If she satisfied the blood lust then this feeling wouldn't go away. It would get worse and she'd be an uncontrollable mess, she could kill and kill and let that be her calling in life. No cell could contain her but eventually someone would kill her and Frankie didn't want that. What she wanted to do was live a pseudo-normal life of travel, casinos and whatever else blonde humans were supposed to get up to.

She'd been living this lie so well that vampires didn't even know what she was. The legend of the Death Walker had been lost over those thousands of years. No one know what she was, they just knew she was unnatural. She was hiding in this body, really, but it felt normal now. She was so used to being human that sometimes she really did feel human. She'd settled into this way of life, as long as nothing distracted her from it then she could do what she wanted.

Of course, she still used her powers to get what she wanted, she'd never be able to get around if she didn't have money, ID or a passport. She was one big lie but it was a brilliant one. She had a back story that went back thousands of years. She'd seen people change, civilisations grow and yet she never aged, never changed.

Always deep down there was that primal instinct, that need and want for blood. She had to stay away from vampires, they had no qualms about waving their victims and blood under her nose. She wondered if any of them had caught onto the fact of what she was. One of their oldest ancestors. The vampires had killed most of the Death Walkers off many years ago. They hunted in packs while Frankie's people were just a few. Frankie was solitary and had steered clear of the wars.

During the first her people had come out on top then scattered to the far reaches of the planet. Then the second war came 600 years later, the vampires had grown in numbers, the Death Walkers had no chance. Frankie had adopted a human lifestyle early on. She'd kept out of the way. She didn't want to fight those sick creatures. A disgusting human, Death Walker hybrid.

The Death Walkers, or Latika as they were known amongst themselves, were one of the oldest races on the planet.


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