A small, awkward, slightly slashy Supernatural fic.

Sam stopped dead as he walked into the motel room to see Dean naked, tied to the bed and gagged.

"Oh my God, Dean. What happened?" he rushed in and pulled the gag from his brother's mouth before untying him.

"Demon, seduced me, tied me up."

"Did you know it was a demon?"

Dean sat up and rubbed his wrists, "fuck, no. Of course I didn't. You really think I'd let ea demon seduce me?"

Sam looked him over, "yes."

Dean hit him on the arm before beginning to get dressed. "We need to find it, it took the cross."

That cross was pivotal in getting rid of the plagues that had swept over this town. The demon obviously had something to do with that. "Okay, what did she look like?" Sam asked looking at Dean who was just shrugging his jacket on.

"He," said Dean quietly.


"Oh don't judge me, Sammy." Dean snapped, "let's go." He pushed past his brother grabbing the keys to the Impala and leaving the motel room.

Sam followed and got into the passenger seat of the car. "Okay, so what are we looking for." He was baffled by the fact that Dean had just admitted that he'd let a man seduce him. It wasn't a big deal but Sam had no idea that Dean was into all that. "What does this guy look like?" But he was curious, it was going to take a while to get his head around this.

"Er, well. He was tall. Dark hair." That wasn't very helpful, "look I don't really know, I was drunk." But he knew exactly where they should look first, the bar Dean had met this guy in. Dean noticed Sam's questioning look as they pulled up to the bar, no doubt he was about to come out with some smart quip about how now wasn't the time for a drink.

"This is where I met him," said Dean. It was rather clear that he was now feeling rather self-conscious and embarrassed about the whole situation. He turned the Impala off and got out. He really didn't want to go into this bar. He couldn't really remember what he'd done in here. It was lunch time now, they may have to wait until the evening before they met anyone they could get answers from.

The smell of booze in the bar was familiar and also reminded Dean that he was actually quite hungover. He groaned and looked at Sam, this was the last place he wanted to be right now but it was necessary. Dean sat himself at the bar and the barman walked up.

"Not you again." He said screwing up his face in disdain.

"Excuse me?" said Dean.

"You were in here last night." Said the barman.

"Did you see who I was with?" Dean asked

"It was hard not to see, you two were all over one another. Were causing quite a scene." He looked disgusted.

Dean looked down at his hands on the bar, he had no idea what Sam must think of him.

"Do you know him?" Sam asked. If this guy were a local then maybe he'd been possessed.

"Who are you, scorned loverboy?" spat the barman.

Dean looked at Sam and then back to the man behind the bar, "do, you, know, him." He pronouced all of his words harshly, threateningly. He was losing his patience fast.

"No, he's new around here. Only started coming in here a few days ago."

"And do you know where he's staying?" Dean asked. God this man was unhelpful.

"No. But he'll probably be in here at 6pm like he is every night."

Dean looked at Sam, they could spend their time somewhere a bit more hospitible than this while they waited for 6pm to arrive. "Fine, thanks." said Sam as he grabbed Dean by the arm and dragged him out of the bar. They probably had a lot to talk about but Sam was pretty sure that he was going to get nothing from Dean.

"Do we need to talk about this?" Sam asked as he got into the car.

"Nope," replied Dean as he started the engine.


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