Writing, slash and Supernatural

Can I take a minute to have a small fangirl about the fact that Supernatural season six starts in the states on Friday. I've just caught up on the last five seasons in the last few months and I'm so obsessed. Because we have to download it we won't get to watch it until Saturday morning so no internets for me until it's been watched.

It'll be nice to be up-to-date with the world rather than seasons behind.

As for new telly House started on Monday and I got to watch it last night. It was good, very comedy filled. We also watched The Event. Not sure how I feel about that one. The ending was a bit on the odd side but I'm definitely looking forward to the next. It's a bit like Lost in the sense that now I'm like: 'NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!'

My escape from the last few weeks has been a story that I've been writing with my co-conspirator, Nellie. A story of a dystopian society, hot men, slash and a fucked up government. Oh my god, it's brilliant. I'm so into it and it means that I've been neglecting my story with Ces. As well as neglecting work, novel, Fabian and so on.

My whole day is spent practically staring at my email waiting for Nellie's replies to come through. Then I arm myself with coffee and reply. Strangely I've been quite productive in the bits in between. I'm also inspired beyond belief. Although not for much other than the dystopian joy that skips into my inbox a few times an hour.


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