Having money

I earn just over £25k a year and for someone who is 21 that's pretty fucking good. I can afford to buy a fuck load of clothes.

I can afford to party.

I can afford to holiday.

Mr. Wilde can't.

I'd happily pay for him to do anything but he won't take money from me.

It doesn't annoy me that he earns less but the fact that I earn more bothers him, I think. He doesn't particularly like his job, often moans about how people try to take credit for the things he does and doesn't think it pays enough. Well he's right. He needs a new job but even though I often send a nice job description his way when I'm bored he never applies.

I think he's applied for two or three since he realised that he wanted a new job. That must've been almost a year ago now.

I don't understand, he can't moan about not having any money and hating his job if he isn't applying for others.

I was unemployed for six months last year, borrowed a total of £2k from family members just to get by. And I've always been shit with money. I once said that the only way I'd ever be able to save is if I had a lot more money than I needed.

So of course, when ever my bank account is looking good I'm happy about it. Tell Mr. Wilde that I'm only £100 over drawn despite my car MOT.

I wish he could just be happy for me and stop bloody moaning or get a job. If he's looking and applying then he can moan all he fucking wants. I certainly did for most of last year.


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