I found it - A short story based on a dream

Title: I found it
Rating: G
Words: 842
A/N: This is based on a dream I had last night. God it was vivid.
Summary: I walked up to the house, my heart was beating so fast, I had no idea what to expect from such a broken down old place. It made me feel nervous and uneasy yet I knew I had to go in and I knew that there was something exciting hidden away.

I walked up to the house, my heart was beating so fast, I had no idea what to expect from such a broken down old place. It made me feel nervous and uneasy yet I knew I had to go in and I knew that there was something exciting hidden away. I walked through the old building, dust was sprinkled on me from above and I looked up at the flaking paint work and crumbling bricks. It wouldn't have surprised me if the whole thing had come down on top of my head.

The maroon carpet beneath my feet had be well-worn and I wondered what sort of people had walked upon it when this building stood at its finest. Now it was just a crumbling heap that was barely even acknowledged. But I was pulled in, there was something about this place that drew me here. There was some hidden treasure that no one knew about.

I was going to find it.

I explored the house, part of the left wing had crumbled and was inaccessible but otherwise the house was light and airy, the carpets may have been worn and the pillars may have been crumbling but this place was fantastic.

I pushed open the heavy back door expecting to see an overgrown jungle of a garden. But I was met with something completely different. It was a perspex stair case that lead upwards. I could see the garden below me, tall grasses pushed up below my feet and there was a tall tree to my left. I didn't hesitate and just began to climb the stair case. It didn't lead me too high instead it took me into a large pod off of which another perspex stair case led. This was a maze.

Soon I was so high that I could see the whole garden below me. I had to take a deep breath to try and regain my composure but my head was swimming and my stomach churned at the thought of being so high. The building was old and crumbling and while these connected pods didn't really feel like they belonged I couldn't help but feel like they were going to collapse at any minute, leaving me crushed and bloodied on the ground below.

No one would ever find me amongst those grasses. I'd die and I'd never find out the secret of this place.

I continued to climb trying desperately to ignore the sinking feeling I was getting. If I got lost in this place then I'd be as dead as if It collapsed. Up was the only way I could go, I'd find me goal if I continued. I don't know how long I was in those pods but soon I began to notice the music that was playing around me. Was that new? Maybe, if I could find its source then I could find what I was looking for.

One staircase opened out. I'd found it. But I didn't really know what 'it' was. The space in front of me was undercover but it was large full of black, white and chrome. A few more steps lead up in front of me, I walked slowly up. This was an apartment, some brilliantly secret and perfectly designed home. The kitchen was on a raised platform in front of me. Everything was immaculately clean and glimmering in the the glow of the overhead spotlights.

To my left was a circular shower area and to the right of that there was a glass wall in which there was a table and some chairs. A dining room perhaps, although it reminded me more of a conference room.

The music caught my attention once again. It was nearby now, a violin. Low, sombre and enticing. I went back past the kitchen and realised that just opposite the few steps I'd come up there was another staircase leading up to a platform. This is where the music was coming from. However,l it wasn't a recording, someone was playing a violin. I was in this person's house, I was trespassing. But I needed to see who it was. I crept up the stair keeping low, my hands on the step in front of me.

I looked over the top to see a bedroom. The carpet was grey and the side walls were made of glass, against the back wall, which was white was a large bed, draped in beautiful white linen. Directly in front of me and to the left of the bed was a chair and in it a man playing the violin.

I was suddenly aware that he was naked but I knew him. He was so beautiful. He had an age of knowledge in his eyes and when he saw me he put down the violin and sat on the floor next to the stairs. I crept up to him and he embraced me. It was a long, warming hug that erased any sense of woe, fear or uneasiness in me.

This was what I'd been looking for.


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