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Now, when I rant I tend to go off course and babble. I believe this will be one of those such occassions but let me start with a history lesson first.

I used to be a big fan of a band. I spent loads of time on their official forum, co-created their fanzine and saw them across Europe. It was a fantastic time but I was 14. Some of the people I hung around with could easily be described as crazy fans. There were also other crazy fans we hated because they were crazier.

It was a mix of jealousy, cuntery and fan politics.

Suffice to say we got nothing from being hardcore fans, no recognition from the band save for a well-blagged trip to a bar with them in Paris.

Why is this relevant?

I've just read - a very good - Supernatural fic. Some of the comments have made me quite annoyed. One anonymous commenter started ranting about how Sam-hate is unjustifiable and why is everyone so biased towards Dean.

I suppose this annoys me because I'm thinking, what? Who cares? Don't read the fic if you aren't interested in that sort of story. It's sad that people get so worked up.

I suppose I'm probably just as sad because here I am ranting about it but that's beyond the point. Why do people get some damn fanatical? Why do they get so into something that they get pissed off at something someone has written out of their love for a show?

Writing fanfiction is a labour of love. And with something like Supernatural you aren't going to write something about the two main characters if you don't like them both.

My two cents

I, frankly, love this fucked up Sam. I like that he's a cunt and I like that the relationship between he and Dean isn't like it was. It makes me wonder what happened to Sam? How was his short hell experience different to Dean's long one. I think that is brilliant writing.

Whether or not you are a 'Sam girl' or a 'Dean girl' makes no difference. Sam is being a bit of a douche. But that's brilliant. He's paying hookers - probably because he can't be arsed with the emotional side of sex - and he's too cold and collected for someone who's been to hell.

It would be boring if both Sam and Dean had reacted the same way to different experiences in hell. Sam turned into a beautiful, cold, dark, twat and Dean suffered, it tore him up from the inside out. That's brilliant and I can't wait to see how this affects Sam further down the line. Will they compare experiences, argue about who went through something worse?

While I wouldn't consider myself a 'Sam girl' or a 'Dean girl' (I'm one of those 'slash fans') I have found that Sam's choices (the writing) have moved me more, even if it is to feeling angry at him. My stomach churned when he chose Ruby over Dean and I don't like the fact that the Sam/Dean (slash aside) relationship hasn't been the same since then.

Dean has calmed down, gone from a womanising, quite violent man into someone softer. His character progression has made him more loveable because he learnt from Sam's gentleness.

Sam's gone the other way.

That's brilliant character progression and nothing to troll about.

I'm am happy to argue about this so comment away.
-prepares to be called a hypocrite-


Anonymous said...

Well, I pretty much agree with all points above! I guess we should just be grateful that we love a show that's layered enough to inspire our "discussions", and flare our tempers a little...

What people seem to forget when they're getting on their soapboxes is that it's all swings and roundabouts. Yeah, the writer might be calling Sam an idiot this time, but perhaps their last fic was tearing a chunk out of Dean. It's all in context.

I'm totally looking forward to greater exploration of the changes in Sam and Dean, and I shall be very disappointed if I'm not spending a good chunk of my time yelling "douchebag!" at someone or other, as I've been doing thus far this season.

If both Sam and Dean weren't so flawed, they wouldn't have held our interest for this long. I mean, that level of prettiness goes a long damned way, but even so... ;-)

And dude...your comment box is made of win. Trolls are only fun if they are witty. LMAO!!!!!! :D

Veer Wilde said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment and replying to all my comments. There will be more of those, I'm going to find some more of your fics today (at work).

What's the point of a show if it doesn't get people angry, eh?

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