And it's all over...

Vettel wins the championship and I'm not upset. I thought I would be, he has been a bit of a tosser during this season - he's young I'll let him off - but seeing how happy he was to have won made me smile. He is a bit arrogant but he's a good driver and he wanted this so much.

Of course, I would much, much, much rather that Mark Webber was champion (the things I would do to that man) but I'm happy with the result.

Every season the boys in my life have had a bet on. At first it was Mr. Wilde and a friend then another friend joined in. They chose a team each and the team who had the a driver highest in the championship would win.

I suggested that next year I get in on it too. So we aren't squabbling for teams I suggested we choose drivers. Naturally, Webber is mine. Mr. Wilde has Hamilton and the two friends picked Alonso and Vettel.

To be honest I don't see my chances being all that high, but you never know. I was going to shout and scream on Webber's behalf anyway. I may as well do it with some money on the line (£20 in case you're interested).

Next season will be a noisy one. But for now, what in fuck am I to do with my Sundays? Play Formula One 2010 and write no doubt.

How did you find this season?

Does it piss you off that all Hamilton does is grumble?


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