Bad Wilde

I didn't go to a friend's hen night on Saturday. Now she's no longer my friend on Facebook (that could mean nothing), she won't respond to text messages, email or FB messages. Our mutual friend is ignoring my texts and generally I feel miserable.

On the night I didn't want to go because a) I felt completely, utterly miserable and would've just spent the time wallowing in my own misery ruining it for everyone else. And b) because I was going to be the fat girl in the skimpy costume around all these hot ladies.

I'm a bad, vain, horrible person and I feel terrible.


Phlegyas said...

Juggler says:
1. friends are but the collection of the needs they seek to cover by enforcing their friendship onto people.
2. if one feels awesome and expects to share time with friends when the other feels poorly wanting to just endure one more day, morally, the needs of the second take precedence over the needs of the first.

The Juggler says:
1. Skimpy costumes are the attire of the supressed ego. But Ego is God and as such, the fitting attire should let minor importance people collecting jaws from the floors.

The Juggler spoke.

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