I hate snow

Taken by my own fair hand whilst driving...
Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid and flouncing around on a snow day was great. We'd go sledging, make snowmen, it was great. Now I have to drive 25 miles each way to work and in the snow on fucking B-roads that's horrendous.

Last night the first of the snow arrived and I got sent home early (yay) but it was still dark. I was the car behind the first car on the road, which meant that not much of the snow was getting moved out of the way. We trundled along at between 20 and 30 mph. I was at least ten seconds behind the guy in front of me and there was fresh snow laying in that gap. Soon we came up behind some other cars so at least the snow was clearing a bit.

But then there was the issue of visibility, my lights were reflecting off the falling snow so I couldn't see anything in front of me. It took an hour and ten minutes to do my 45 minute drive. The city wasn't too bad, nothing compared to the town I work in. So the drive got easier.

I get home, shakey, exhausted and a little rattled from the whole experience.

Not one ounce of sympathy from Mr. Wilde. Cock.

He begins to tell me that it wasn't that bad. I tell him it was - and cry a little bit - he said it was just sleet.


He apologised for not believing me then told me I was driving wrong. That I was going to fast and braking too hard if it was scary and slippery.

Fuck off. I'm a girl, I was scared but I know how to drive in the snow. That doesn't mean I should enjoy it.

On the way in today it began snowing in Norwich, I was like FUCK FUCK FUCK. Almost didn't go to work. 65% of the roads were fine and then I was about 10ish miles from work and the road was just full of snow and ice. I handled it well because I was going so slow but boss said that he'd found that road really difficult to drive on and he's the one always telling me and my other boss not to worry.

Tomorrow we have to drive two hours to go to a meeting. That's me and the boss that hates driving in the snow. Fucking snow. I'm going to die.


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