It continues

That's my road. I have to drive down 2/3 roads like this before I get to one that has been gritted and is okay to drive on. Honestly, I'm getting used to this. Driving in this isn't as terrifying as it was but I'd still rather not do it.

I'm bored of the snow.

In other news I thought my last day at work would be Friday 23rd. I had a conversation with my female boss about it in November. Awesome. So, considering I had Xmas Eve off I thought I could spend that time preparing for a Christmas party that Mr. Wilde and I had planned.

I was going to shave my legs, do my hair, put on some fake tan, tidy the house, cook some chilli, cook some apple crumble, decorate in a festive-fashion and prepare for people coming over at 6:30pm.

Today male boss informs me that we will be working on Xmas Eve. Well that's shit. I have to leave Mr. Wilde in charge of getting stuff ready and greeting guests and he doesn't get home until just after 5:30pm anyway.

On a normal day - i.e. one that's not snowy - I would get home at 6:20pm. Well it is snowy and is likely to be until forever. So I probably won't get home until nearer 7pm. I'm going to be late for my own party, unless I can wangle leaving early.

This sucks.

But it is almost Christmas and I have some inspiration to write the ending to my novel, that's something. Presents all wrapped - the ones that have arrived at least - mince pies purchased, and stock for Scotland sorted.

Oh and how in fuck are we going to get to Scotland? We are supposed to be there for a week, leaving on the 28th to meet Warcraft buddies and geek into the new year. Mr. Wilde is driving and we are picking some people up from Edinburgh airport before driving to Inverness. Fuck, that's going to be a mission.

Laptop update: Took it to Currys without much fuss but it's going to take 28 days for them to get it back to me.


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