Dreaming about things I shouldn't

I was going to attempt to turn this into a fic but I don't have the drive or energy to do something so creative. I think I might focus on one of my other stories and see how I get on there.

Anyway, last night I had a dream and it wasn't until I'd been up for an hour did it could rushing at me with full force threatening to to rush me off my feet. Now, let me warn you, possible Supernatural S6 spoiler ahead depending how far you've seen.

I dreamt that I was watching SPN and I got up to get a drink, my mum shouted that Dean and Sam were having sex - she would do this, she knows my slash obsession - I raced back in having missed the scene.

I got them to rewind it and, as dreams go, I was there in the scene. I was just watching and it was like a well put together fanvid just snippets of kissing, hands on bare skin, sweaty boys etc. Fuck it was hot. I was so surprised that they'd put this in the show.

But, as it turns out, it wasn't Dean Sam was having sex with. The wall holding back the fucked up parts of his soul had manifested itself as a person. A person than changed into whatever Sam wanted it to be. The dream then got quite scary as Sam was trying to fight off this wall, who was tricking him, following him and generally being a pain in the arse. The wall also looked like Steve Buschemi.

Honestly, brain, where does this come from.

Analyse that, bitches.


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