It seems to be going wrong...

First my 18-55mm kit lens decided that it doesn't fancy auto focusing any more and that my life would be better if I have to manual focus whenever I want to take a picture. Well it's wrong. Really fucking wrong.

Then my beautiful laptop decides to blue screen, which, I am told, means serious issues on a Windows 7 machine. Every time I turn that fucker on it blue screens saying some drivers are fucked up. Replacing drivers doesn't help. Safe mode with networking - blue screen. Safe mode is relatively stable but I can't transfer anything via network cable that way.

Because I am a complete and utter fucking cockdonkey not everything is backed up to our server. That means a frustrating time will be spent transferring the pictures and writings from poor laptop to an old hard drive connected by USB. That'd be okay if I had 250mb to transfer but I don't it's about 80gb.

Now, I hear you asking me why I don't just take the HDD out and transfer the stuff off it that way. Well, I don't want to void the warranty do I. Laptop is about 10 months old. If getting everything off and wiping it all back doesn't work then I have to take it back to the evil that is Currys and then wait 12 years for them to repair it.

This means that I have two months to get everything off in between blue screens, random restarts, working out and playing Warcraft. And even then I'll have to deal with Currys being wankers - did I ever tell you the story of our two televisions? Another day maybe.

So, I've been relegated to my 5 year old customer built computer who is missing a stick of ram. Even Warcraft struggles. I peer round at Mr. Wilde's computer screen and it's all glistening and beautiful while my game is a mist of grey, low frame rate and random freezing.

It seems that after Christmas - which you'll be surprised to hear that I love - I'll be building a new PC, probably paying to fix a laptop and buying a new kit lens.

Oh and Mr. Wilde is in a mood.

My life is over.


The Undertaker: said...

I don't have anything particularly clever, or optimistic to say...other than I read, I follow, I understand, I sympathize and I hope that you get things worked out with a minimum of difficulty. My 250 GB "backup" drive shit the bed months ago and I haven't even let my head try and wrap itself around all that I lost. I haven't played Warcraft since it was Warcraft consumed about 8 months of my life


(A cockdonkey?! LOL! You're killing me)

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