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Did you know that just by doing some shopping and checking out with PayPal you can Win £40000? Well, don't get your hopes up, because I am going to win. My house will be overflowing with technology.
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Yesterday my laptop broke and while Mr. Wilde has every intention of fixing it I want a new one anyway...
Not to mention the fact that I've started playing Warcraft again on the five year old, custom built desktop PC I have. That beast is so slow, the ram died a year or two ago so I'm left with 1gb. The motherboard is ancient and the processor is slow.
Give me £40,000 and watch what I can do - All of this beautiful gear is from

This, slightly terrifying beast is the Acer Predator. I want it because it looks cool. It comes with a gaming keyboard too. It has 1TB HDD, a processor with multiple cores, 4GB ram and it looks like it wants to eat you. I need that in my life. And it's only 1/40th of the Paypal prize. Imagine how all those lovely games would look with this pushing them through my 22 inch monitor.

And because, clearly, I need a new laptop. I'd go for this big, red beast. My current laptop is red and white, I don't really want anything but it but this would come close to filling that gap. It's big, 17 inches, same size as dead laptop. The size was something that annoyed me no end when looking for a pretty laptop bag - I never found one - but now I couldn't go back to a tiny 15 inch screen.

When I had a iPhone it was difficult to justify buying something that was essentially just a bigger version with less features (it's not a phone and it doesn't have a camera). But now that I'm on the Android wagon and have money to blow (I'm talking hypotehtically here) I'm going to get myself an iPad. If only so I can be one of those people who has an iPad. They're shiny and I often lust over them in the Apple store.
These pretty things are from

I have an Xbox 360 but no PS3. And I want a PS3, if only to play Blurays. We have an HD telly that isn't seeing it's full potential. I need Star Trek in HD and this is the first step!

My camera has also gone up the swanny. The kit lens of my 450D doesn't auto focus. This is the camera I want, the 21mp 5D. It's beautiful and certainly a piece of gear that I'd be happy to have in my collection!
So if you are like me and want lots of shiny gadgets (including four different types of computer) then get buying stuff with PayPal because the more you buy, the more likely you are to win!

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