Stupid dream was stupid... but hot.

A dream I had, from Frankie's POV. Based in the Merlin fandom. 

"This is where the old man died."
I looked around at Merlin who was prodding at the ruins. He was trying to make a point but it was lost on me. I thought it was a waste of time being here, I very much doubted that there were any magical artefacts in this place. It just seemed so unlikely. There were dogs crowding around my feet, snapping and barking, I wondered if I was that obvious to them. Well I had to be. I shooed them away and smiled at Merlin who was now looking at me.
"Oh is it..." I didn't know what he was getting at and I wasn't sure that I would care even if I did understand, Merlin looked away just tapping some more at the markings on the ruins. I kicked one of the dogs out of the way and crouched in front of the ruins. "These say there's treasure in here," I said idly, pointing at the spot where Merlin had been tapping thoughtfully.
"Really, how can you tell?"
I lowered my voice, I knew full well that everyone in Camelot was so adverse to magic, "because it's the language of the old religion." I grinned at him and he looked shocked.
"You know the old religion?"
I laughed and shook my head, Merlin had no idea what I knew but it extended way beyond a bit of knowledge of the magic contained in that way of thinking. "No, just the runes. I've travelled enough to be able to learn a few languages on the way."
"Okay, well I wouldn't tell Arthur."
"Tell Arthur what, Merlin?" At the sound of Arthur's voice Merlin shot into a standing position, narrowly missing hitting his head on an overhang.
I had to speak before Merlin got himself into trouble by spluttering and trying to find some answer, "that I think we should have a party." I smiled, we'd found the ruins we were looking for and there was probably treasure here. That was enough to celebrate.
"And why shouldn't the lady be telling me about a party?" he was looking at Merlin, his hands on his hips. I was trying not to laugh.
"Because you'd get drunk," said Merlin simply. I'm glad he went with my idea. It was quite a good idea to have a party.
Arthur looked quite taken a back at that and then I knew that I needed to see him drunk. We were in a place where no one knew the prince Arthur, we were outside of a small town on the outskirts of Camelot and while we'd planned to stay in the woods there would be nothing wrong with finding the local tavern. I slid my arm through Arthur's and dragged him away from Merlin.
The action seemed so normal and innocent but only when I'd walked a little way with him I realised how awkward I felt at being arm in arm with this prince. I untangled myself from him and looked back at the ruins. "Come on, we've found what we were looking for, let's go for a drink."
Arthur frowned and looked over his shoulder, "come on Merlin, we're going for a drink."
I smiled. The three of us rode into town, it was hot and bright and for once I was actually enjoying the sunlight. We stopped at the tavern, which was already full of smelly drunk men. Arthur's look of disdain made me laugh, he wasn't used to places like this. But then nor was I but there was nothing quite as satisfying as the collective heartbeat of a place like that.
The music started once both Merlin and Arthur were quite drunk. Merlin, most certainly couldn't hold his alcohol and soon excused himself, he headed out of the back door and Arthur grumbled about how he should probably follow him. As he stood he knocked a tankard out of a large, burly man's hand. I knew what was coming and it was exciting. Arthur could take every man in here. The fight began and I watched for five minutes until things stopped going Arthur's way. I decided to go and check on Merlin.
Through the brawl I exited out of the back door to find merlin sitting with his back against a wall, his head in his hands. "Are you all right?" I asked sitting down next to him. I preferred wearing this sort of dress, woollen, ragged and already dirty. Better than those shiny gowns I had to wear to pass as a 'lady' when I was at the palace.
Merlin nodded without looking at me. "Wheresarthur," the words rolled into one.
Merlin snapped his head up and I supposed that it might be a big deal to him. Arthur was allowed to fight, he wasn't going to come out of it too badly. Plus it would be good for him to fight in a proper brawl. Maybe if he lost he wouldn't be so damn arrogant.
A while later a group of men burst from the back door. I thought the fight was bursting out into this alleyway until I realised they were singing and swinging mead around. Arthur was amongst them, singing just as loudly as the next man. I watched and Merlin watched. Arthur soon noticed us and plonked himself on the far side of Merlin. "You're really missing a good party." He looked over at me and then to the group who were now dancing to their tunes. Once of them had produced a string instrument from somewhere about his person.
"Let's dance," he stood with the sort of speed that a drunk man shouldn't have and grabbed both my hand and Merlin's hand dragging us to our feet. Merlin soon wriggled free and went back to sitting down but I was dragged into the middle of those men. I was close to Arthur, pressed so close to him and we danced. I should've pulled away from the drunken prince. This wasn't a situation that I'd wanted to get myself into. But every time I was near him I wanted to be nearer. My stomach churned at the contact and it was only when he wrapped his arms around me that I sank into him. I tried to enjoy myself, tried to move as if I were having fun. Not that anyone around here would have noticed. I just couldn't help but feel that this was wholly inappropriate.
It was amusing, in a way, to think that Arthur would have me killed - or at least try - if he knew what I was.


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