Actually getting down to editing

I know I have to edit my novel and I want to get it done so I can send it to a few people to read once it's all tidied up. But I'm finding it so difficult to make time for it. I guess that's because I'm a little scared to release it to the wild(e). I still feel weird about the whole thing, like there's this big hole in the middle of my heart that needs to be filled by a project of this magnitude.

While I was writing this novel I had a few other projects that I was itching to start and now I can't seem to find inspiration of any of them. Weirdly, I'm going on a beginners writing course with my father in a few weeks, it's aimed at people who want to write a novel but don't know where to start. I suppose, right now, that applies to me.

There are four stories that I could be writing. One I'm going to hold off on because it's not really in the same genre as everything else I've written (I guess it'd be classed as commercial fiction, maybe YA depending on how I end up writing it). Then there's one that's relatively new and has nothing written about it so far. I was so excited about it when writing up the plot, now I'm thinking it's a load of shit and I shouldn't bother.

The next is a story that's probably about 15k in, the storyline and characters are clever but there's no real plot. My amnesic protagonist's goal is to find out who he is and go home (with a sci-fiish twist, of course) but there's no antagonist. I don't know whether the struggle should simply be him getting his memory back and slowly working his way back into society.

But to me, that sounds boring, I'd rather he get his memory back sooner rather than later and the struggle is then dealing with the things he remembered, the things he's done and the place he's come from. The only thing holding me back is the fact that it's going to be epically long. I think I need to do some serious plotting on this one. Or maybe I should just fucking get on with it rather than moaning about it.

Another thing that puts me off it is the fact that is deals with a very close male x male relationship, to the point where it could be called slash. While it would be a great story, is it commercially viable?

The other is completely character driven. Frankie, who is featured in a post here. She is the most complex, original and brilliant character I have ever created. But she has no plot. I want to write it set in modern times. Her back story is closely related to vampires but I don't want to be one of those vampire writers.

On a similarly vampirey note, I recently had an idea about a vampire that was entombed in concrete to stop him doing his crazy shit in the 1930s. He was buried under the site of what was to soon be a concentration camp. Then there are some half-baked ideas about him getting woken by some crazy people to be part of a war but he goes AWOL and on a rampage. The storyline would be all about tracking him down and stopping him.

Then there's the erotica I want to write...


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