I have to rewrite...

I've realised that no only are scenes 3-10 boring, they're also badly written and some with no purpose at all. So, I thought I'd share with you exactly what I'm doing to get it all sorted with as little fuss and commotion as possible.

Write down a summary of the scene in question.

Who is involved? What happens? Is there conflict? How is it resolved?

Don't deviate from what you've already written in the scene. Don't write what you want to happen, that can come later.

Next write down the purpose of that scene

Does it move the story along? Does it develop a character? If no then it might be worth getting rid of the scene all together. What should the purpose be, why did you write that scene? Does it fulfil its purpose?

Write down your ideas for the rewrite

How could the scene better fulfil its purpose? How can you make it more exciting? What do you need to improve?

I've written reams and reams of notes for my rewrites now. My next step will be to write down who my characters are and what their goals are. I also need to know what's at stake if they don't reach those goals and what stands in the way of them getting to where they need to be.


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