New Year Disappointments

I'm currently in Scotland, a place if the biggest NYE celebrations and yet I had the crappest most anti climactic evening ever. The worst part was the bar we were in, it was quiet there were only a handful of people in there. At half eleven the DJ began counting down to the new year, every minute then every half a minute. Then instead if turning off the music and putting something on the screen like the celebrations is Edinburgh, he simply did a count down and that was that.

The issue is that the alternative was an open air concert with bands, fireworks and all sorts of awesome. But noooo we couldn't go there because it would be too cold and there would be no where to sit. Well sitting was Fucking boring.

I'm so gutted and so pissed off. I'm not going to rant about individual people, can't be arses but ky night was ruined. Mr. Wilde and I were on the verge of tears. We did walk home with one of the group, which was fabulous. And then drank until 4am but I'm still gutted. We aren't going to be able to do anything interesting this week. I want to go for a hike but one person won't want to and what she wants she gets.

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