Musical Wilde

I used to be very heavily involved in the music industry, I was a music journalist and label manager. Recently, a career and writing and stuff has got in the way of me even listening to new music. So, in an attempt to fill this blog and expand my musical mind (again) I'm going to start reviewing bands.

You might have guessed from the rather questionable content on this blog that these reviews might not be all that normal. Well, I've decided to only review great or shit bands, simply because what's the point in writing about something if it just makes you think 'meh'?

I'm going to put my tastes aside (although I'm hoping to discover a lot more classicrockesque bands) so I can deliver all sorts of phenomenal music to you for aural stimulation.

So, bands/artists/dude with a keyboard please get in touch with me via my new, shiny MySpace page.

"What's that, like a porn site?"

Or comment here with something witty and a link to your music.


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