Why Currys are such wankers

You know they are wankers, everyone with any semblance of tech-sense does. So, I really have no idea why I bought my DSLR and my laptop from them.

We also bought our television from them. That broke within about a week of having it, the Techguys took it away and even after 28 days and not hearing anything back from them despite numerous phonecalls we went into the store and demanded a new TV. Well, we got one and the manager was very helpful.

Four months later we get a card through the door saying Currys had fixed our TV and wanted to deliver it. This is all despite the fact that we'd made it clear that Currys would make sure that our account was cleared so we'd have nothing to do with them.

Laptop goes away to them and two weeks later I get a phone call to say that it is fixed. The paperwork I got back with it didn't really give much info other than the fact that they'd run diagnostics on everything except the hard drive. Considering the thing was throwing up a blue screen and not bothing to boot Windows I thought it might've been worth checking that but I am not a computer tech. Feel free to give me any technical explanations.

Laptop works, great. I can get back to writing. It looks like all they did was reinstall Windows along with a fuck load of shitty games, I uninstalled those first off. My username was now Techguys and my computer name techguys-PC. I'm sorry but isn't that a little unprofessional? I'm glad you've established that it works but can you not just reel it back a bit so I can have my own username and go through all the prelim setup?

New account created, Techguys deleted and computer name changed to Yavin (despite not being a big Star Wars fan all my computers seem to have related names.) Yet when I install a piece of software and it asks for registration details it always puts my computer name down as techguys-PC.

Is it wrong to be appalled by that? It's my fucking PC!

MS Office is on there but it doesn't work, click on it and nothing happens. I need to look into this more and it was only a trial (which I wangled into the full version but that's irrelevant) but seriously, why?

Then the screen starts flickering, going to black. Mr. Wilde updates graphics card drivers and installs 55 Windows updates, all is fine. He then installed the touch pad drivers so I can use the pad to scroll. He installs the program that relates to the touch screen bit at the top of the keyboard so I can control my volume once again. (He also bound Thunderbird to the 'P' key that's up there, it used to open up some sort of backup thing, now it's actually useful.)

Webcam drivers and software were installed and I was ready to go. I'm sorry but did you do half a fucking job on this, you little ballsacks? I'd rather it had taken the whole 28 days to fix the laptop so it could come back working perfectly, as if it were new.

So they took the time to reinstall all the shitty Packard Bell software and Norton and leave me driverless? What's the fucking point?

I could've just reinstalled Windows without giving a thought to drivers and all that shit.


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