A Lost dream and a lost dream

I was going to write about another Lost dream I had. I was trawling Tumblr while eating my Weetabix and I came across of a photo of Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I know they were in my dream and I know it was horny but I can't remember. Oh god, why can't I remember!

Out of any fandom I have Lost dreams more than any (although less now that we've started rewatching  it all.) Last night was a weird one, I'd gone into a shack where Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael were. They were all terribly suspicious of me. I picked up a Winnie the Pooh badge and attached it to my top, no one saw. Jack came up to me and asked it where I was, he pressed himself right up against me.

I don't actually like Jack, he's a whiny wankbag. But he is hot.

Then some more people turned up on the island. We put them in a shed.

We then left, all walking. Mr. Wilde was there and we were walking down a road. A bus had broken down. There was a massive tail back of cars and everyone was honking. At the end of the tail back there was a fight. I got involved.

Then we went to a house two of our friends shared. It was at the top f a cliff, accessible by a staircase from the beach. We watched some Formula One. A friend of ours who lives in mainland Europe was there. Mr. Wilde was hugging him.

That was a crap dream. Stupid brain.


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