London, groping, men and dancing

I went to London over the weekend to meet with some girls I write with. After a very lengthy (and not all that great) meal at Jamie's Italian we headed to a nearby bar. That gorgeous establishment happened to be Yates's. Not the classiest of places and it did cost us £7 (fuck you, London) to get in but there was music and booze.

It started as we were standing at the bar. Blokes groping, grabbing and trying to talk to us. Looking at them with a friendly 'no' did nothing. 'Fuck off' eventually did the job.

Then we danced and they were like flies to shit. My arse was grabbed, blokes kept trying to take me by the hand to dance with them. I was talked to, 'sexy' danced against. It was horrible. This was all when there were seven of us women dancing and they didn't get much less.

Some girls filtered away leaving me and another (we were fucking sexy but not provocatively dressed) to dance.

We danced and soon there was this congregation of men around us touching, dancing and trying to kiss my friend. This went on for a while with us making it very clear we weren't interested. Eventually we had a congregation of men around us simply watching, not touching. I suppose that would have to do. We tuned them out and got on with our night out.

Something must be seriously wrong with society that makes men think it is appropriate to treat women like that. If a bloke wants to get with a girl then eye contact, plus dancing in the same area makes sense. If a woman makes it very clear she is not interested hen that should be that. But these men cannot take no for an answer.

This could be down to the women that say no then continue to dance sexily alongside some man. So any other women that say no must just be playing hard to get.

No means no you wankers.

This is a perfect example of our don't get raped culture.

Instead of telling us women what we can do to not get raped someone needs to tell these men about appropriate behaviour. It doesn't matter if you are drunk or simply cruising for a shag. It is not appropriate to grope women in a club.

Do some girls go for that?

I'd like to know your experiences of this.


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