The 99%

Grow the real economy, Occupy London protest, St. Paul's Cathedral

Okay. I sit quite snugly in the 99%. I don't know anyone in the 1%.

Am I right in thinking that all these protests are against the 1% because we all work hard but in the end our money goes straight to them? Or is it just general anti-capitalist woe?

The 1% have no doubt worked very hard to be where they are today. The bankers in question probably started out as bank clerks and cashiers before moving up the food chain.

I agree they shouldn't be getting huge bonuses on top of their six-figure (seven-figure?) salaries but they've done well for themselves. Better than the uneducated (or perhaps those in the process of being educated - students like to protest, right?) and unemployed who seem set on complaining about everything rather than doing something about the life they aren't happy with.

I'm 23, I got A-levels but didn't go to university. I earn more than anyone I know in my age range. Why? Because I worked hard at it. I was unemployed for a while, got a shit job to pay the bills but all the while I was doing things that would either look good on my CV or would get me into the position to meet people who might want to employ me.

If you are sitting in a tent at one of the various protest sites around the world surely you don't have a job... Isn't the complaint that the 99%'s wages are going to the 1%?

I'm fairly sure that the protesters are unemployed, anti-capitalist hippies who just want something to complain about but I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

I'd be one of the first to agree that the government and the economy needs sorting out. Bankers shouldn't be giving themselves 49% pay rises and their staff just 2.5%. It's clear that people are struggling and we are sinking into another recession but what will camping outside a church do about it?


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