Review: Black Mirror

Photo: Channel 4
Holy fuck. Something I liked!

Charlie Brooker (known mainly for complaining about things) has made a few hour-long shows, the first of which was broadcast last night. Black Mirror, on the surface, was about the Prime Minister being forced into sex with a pig on live TV, all to save a princess.

It certainly got Twitter thinking. The Black Mirror tag was full of speculation over whether or not David Cameron would do such a thing if Kate was kidnapped. However, a lot of people were asking 'what's the point?' and 'was there a moral to that?'

Yes, of course there was. The point is the state of the human race and how we get excited by another person's suffering. The whole thing could've been avoided if everyone in the UK had refused to tune into the act. However, EVERYONE tuned in.

There's also the point that the media and the internet cannot be controlled. The fact that #blackmirror was trending worldwide on Twitter was beautiful irony.

A well thought out show. The Turner Prize nod was brilliant (and relevant) and I can't wait for next week's. It seemes to be about a televised talent show and will be broadcast right after the X Factor final. Utter perfection.

Charlie Brooker is a genius. There's not much that can make me squirm but that most certainly did.

Just for the record, I would watch. Although I'd rather Nick Clegg was involved too.

Did you see it? What did you think?


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