You don't see anorexic fat people

I want to touch on a rather sensitive subject of eating disorders. I am by no means pro-ED but I do follow the Thinspo tag on Tumblr and it does motivate me. I understand that some anorexic habits can help you to lose weight but essentially it's a destructive path that no one should have to face. Those suffering with eating disorders often do it alone or in secrecy. Not all of them want to to get out of the bad habits.

Following the Thinspo tag on Tumblr I've learned a lot about eating disorders. I look at pictures of skinny, fit women for inspiration. It really helps me to see what I could one day achieve. However, seeing your entire ribcage is not sexy but that's a post for another day.

People only start getting worried about anorexic (or bulimic) tendencies when someone starts getting to a healthy weight. Yet there are girls out there who are overweight and starving themselves to get thin. But, because they are losing weight, it's okay. A healthy weight is a good thing so do whatever the hell you can to get there!

You can be 200lbs and have an eating disorder. Even if an ED does help you to lose weight it's not healthy. Surely these illnesses can be prevented from getting so bad that someone dies if they are caught earlier.

I was saying to Mr. Wilde how I feel guilty even when I eat the smallest amounts of foods and how any calories seem like too many. He told me to get out of that mindset because it was bad, wrong and if it got worse could kill me. I weight 190lbs. He noticed it. Does anyone notice it for the poor chubby girls on Tumblr who are literally doing anything they can to get thin?

This is a topic that frustrates me no end. Fat people can have bulimia or anorexia but more often than not no one notices because they are beginning to look better and society dictates that is a good thing. 80lbs later they could be in an unbreakable cycle they see as a habit that has earned them praise on losing weight and looking better. They'll want to continue that and probably won't know when to stop.

(Images: Just some examples of what gets posted under Thinspo on tumblr. I'm not saying either of those girls are anorexic. They look pretty healthy to me.)


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