Mr. Wilde and I had a heated conversation the other night about all this anti-piracy stuff. I'm not for it, of course, I enjoy all my piracy.

However I was making the point that downloading stuff was wrong (although not so wrong that it would stop me, or the average internet user but it was illegal and I understood why).

He said, if something was aired on television he is allowed to watch but he misses it why shouldn't he be allowed to download it?

Firstly because he is keeping it and secondly because of the way in which he downloads it.

The people who put TV shows and movies on a torrent site are doing so illegally with the intent to breach copyright laws and distribute that film/show. It doesn't matter if it's perfectly legal for a friend of ours to record said TV show on his TV and give it to us on disk/tape.

Mr. Wilde kept making the point that it is not illegal for our friend to record something off Sky and give it to us to watch (as people who don't have Sky.) But that's not why piracy is illegal.

In another context...

Just because you are allowed to eat cake does not mean that people are allowed to steal cake to feed to you. That's sort of what is happening here. Sort of.

But anyway, fuck all that. Let's keep the interwebs as it is, please. You can sign the petition at:


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