Predictions for Formula One in 2012

 I'm itching to sit down and watch the F1, I'm even tempted by Sky now that I know they'll be showing GP2 and GP3 coverage too. We have our annual season review and curry session coming up and no doubt there will be plenty of speculation as to the events of the upcoming season.

Some of these are quite silly and I may not share them with my F1 collective but at least they are here, on the internet now. If any of them are correct, expect me to brag.

  • Kimi Raikonnen will be fucking amazing and will be able to beat the Mercedes
  • Mark Webber won't tolerate Sebastian Vettel's dominance and we'll therefore see them being more evenly matched
  • Nico Hulkenberg will do much, much better than team mate Paul Di Resta
  • A few podiums for Lotus 
  • Toro Rosso might be a bit more consistent this year
  • Lewis Hamilton will get his act together and actually drive like he has the talent to
  • Mark Webber will stop having dire starts
  • Caterham will be worthy of the back of the mid-field
  • Tyre strategy will be more important than ever and as a result Jenson Button will do well
  • My obsession with Fernando Alonso will grow...
The end

(Picture-wise this may seem like a very McLaren-dominated post. Well, the car is pretty and Martin Whitmarsh looks good in a suit, so there.)


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