The things I want vs the things I can afford

There's money in my bank account right now. I got paid 6 days ago and despite almost, and needlessly, buying an iPad I have yet to spend any of it. The reason being is that all I can afford other than my usual bill and whatnot his month is to buy my mum's £200 birthday present.

But, but, I always buy stuff. There's some shoes I want and a store has a sale. Oh and we could use a lamp and a sofa bed. And I'd really like a tiny ginger cat to keep big fluffy cat company. Maybe I should change my car I want something with more VROOM. There's some vintage records I like too. I could really do with a PS3 as well because I want to play blu-ray disks. I also want that new shade of expensive lipstick that hurts my lips and wears off after five minutes of guzzling pints.

Damn you money. I wish some bills would come out so I realise that I don't have money and aren't tempted by everything ever.


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