The Darklings

I suppose following a band around and being a fan shouldn't be stressful, but it is. You feel like you have a say in everything that goes on in their lives, you an involved in every aspect of their careers. Fans shape bands, they buy the records that get them a Christmas number two and they are the people filling the rows of sold out gigs.

Bands should appreciate their fans.

Despite the 15 year old stress I was under being a fan of The Darkness and how much I hated some of the people I met, those few years shaped my life into what it is now. I'm so much more world savvy. I'd seen and done so much more by my 16th birthday than most people do in a life time. I've partied hard, rubbed shoulders with the stars (Gene Simmons, The Darkness, Graham Coxon, Colin Murray, The Wildhearts to name a few), met wonderful people and have travelled the UK and Europe.

I realised an ambition to write and was a music journalist for many years.

But the real thing that made being a Darkling the most special was the people. One or two in particular.

It started out with a few of us writing filth, real fucking dirty stuff. Then I pointed them all in the direction of slash (I was about 15 at this point). Six of us met up and had an instant rapport. Now, there's two of those five girls I don't speak to - for very different reasons. Two I have contact with on Facebook and miss dearly.

The other is M'Colleague, best friend, co-captain and everything else I need in my life.

The whole thing was worth it just to have a friend like that. She's a flouncy, eloquent, big-boobed piece of wonderfulness.

This is all.


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